Nags Head Wedding


Nags Head Weddings in North Carolina  are some of the great almost all year around.  I was privileged enough to take these photos for a fall wedding.  Unbelievable, it wasn’t too hot or too cold.  Minus the breeze, you would almost mistake the season for Spring or Summer at the beach.  This was not an ordinary day for the bride and groom at Nags Head.  Of course it was special because it was their wedding day, but it was also the groom’s birthday.  There were friends and family from all over to come see this beautiful wedding in the perfect setting.

With the ceremony at the beach, the reception was held at a hotel ballroom that was located directly offDSC_3941b of the beach.  From the hotel ballroom, you open large glass doors that left into a large multi-directional deck that funnels back into one platform that leads down a long flight up steps onto the beach.  There, about 50 friends and family sat awaiting the bride.  As the bride exits those big glass doors with her mother, they make it to the final platform before the long flight of steps and the most special moment of the  ceremony was captured.

This picture captures the bride and her mother as the groom looks up from above to see his bride for the first time.  The sky was a perfect blue and the decor was an even more perfect purple.  It was great to be in the presence of great friend, family, and most importantly great love.



Article by Adrian Marable

CEO and Head Photography of 3Dreams Photography